Promotion Services

Unvetted Promotion

Unvetted promotions are a way for cryptocurrency projects to gain a general audience of cryptocurrency investors.

An introductory level scan is completed on your contract and if DoxxLocker wishes to allow your project to be promoted in the unvetted section, a minimal fee will be payable for such, only in HDFL tokens.

Promotions generally run for one week.

A notice exists on all promotions, informing potential investors that DoxxLocker does not “vouch” for the project in question and that users are responsible for completing their own research.

Vetted Promotion

Vetted promotions are something that the DoxxLocker team takes very seriously. DoxxLocker will only ever promote a project as vetted, if it is fully audited by a third-party, the developers are doxxed (as our name suggests) and the project passes deep due diligence from our team. Please send us a general inquiry regarding vetted promotions.

We reserve the right to decline all projects for promotion in both the vetted and unvetted promotional categories.