What Is Doxxlocker?

DoxxLocker Creators

With a desire to be impactful and useful, HDFL is not your typical “meme coin.” HDFL leadership has begun utilizing the token platform, to develop a cell phone based application (and DoxxLocker), which will allow users to screen for various forms of nefarious coding and potential “rug pulls”.

Access to this unique application and advanced web 3 capable portions of DoxxLocker, will be available for purchase only with HDFL. Additional funding will be raised for professional development of the application and a screening process will take place for the application developer, to ensure alignment with the group’s values.

The subscription service will afford HDFL the luxury of being a revenue generating service, whereby reinvestment in the token will take place. This minimum viable product of DoxxLocker, is just the first step in the future of the HDFL ecosystem.

Our Vision

In short, we want to help make the Binance Smart Chain a safer place for investors, by providing easy access to information. We believe that an informed decision, is the best decision.

By providing access to free information, we truly hope that we can assist in saving investors from being “scammed.” Helping just one person not be “scammed,” will make the entire ecosystem a success.