Wallet Protection

Wallet Protection Tips

A general rule of thumb for all investors, should be to never click a link they were not expecting, or is unsolicited. Bad actors are becoming increasingly advanced and link action by an unsuspecting user, may allow a third-party remote access to the user’s device.

A bad actor will send a message, which appears to show familiarity with the receiver. This leads to the receiver dropping some of their “guard” and typical security measures. Any shortened URL is an absolute red flag.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet offers some security features, which lessen the likelihood of a bad actor gaining access to your wallet.

Your Trust Wallet home screen should look like the above. To ensure you’re best protected, access the settings option in the bottom right corner.

Within the security settings, ensure that you toggle the app lock and transaction signing requirements to “on.” By utilizing these options, a remote attack from a nefarious group, is made much more difficult.