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Airdrop: When tokens are sent to a wallet address without being purchased.  Can be used for promotions – projects sending out small balances to a large number of wallets to gain exposure.  Can also be used by spam/scam tokens to trick wallets into connecting to certain sites.  Do not connect your wallet to unknown sites in order to sell airdropped tokens.

If you’re hesitant about a coins validity – check the known scams section – or ask in our forums.  You can also check a token on BSCscan.  Check your wallet address, and the token dropdown.  Any tokens that have taken the steps to become verified and show a dollar amount, are generally established projects.


Trust Wallet

The Trust Wallet is a popular wallet for BSC projects.  The Trust Wallet is primarily an an android/apple app.  There is currently no browser extension.


Read more about Trust Wallet at https://trustwallet.com



Metamask is a popular wallet that’s known for having a browser extension, enabling use on PCs.  

More information at https://metamask.io


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