DoxxLocker and HDFL

What is DoxxLocker?

DoxxLocker is an all-in-one crypto platform, where users can learn, research, discuss, promote and engage.

DoxxFeed aims to be the first crypto based social media platform, where users can discuss all facets of DeFi. By creating an account on DoxxFeed, users will be able to share photos, discuss currencies and learn from their fellow investors.

In the DYOR section of DoxxLocker, users will learn the basics of how to research a project they are considering an investment in. Additionally, users will learn how best practices on wallet protection and on the cryptocurrency market in general.

Through DoxxLocker’s services, users can request a due diligence report, where parts of basic research are completed for them.

DoxxLocker promotional services, will afford projects the ability to advertise their project, in a space with real investors. Through the promotional services portion of the platform, projects can request an AMA, which will be hosted by the DoxxLocker team, through the HyperDeflate (HDFL) ecosystem of products and services.

How Does HDFL Intertwine?

HDFL is set to be the only currency accepted in exchange for DoxxLocker’s products and services. Until mass adoption is achieved on the platform, Binance Coin (BNB) will also be accepted as a method of payment; however, transactions paid in HDFL will receive a 15% discount, to encourage transacting with the governing token.

By holding a hyper-deflationary token, investors in HDFL stand to benefit a great deal through long-term adoption, as each transaction for products & services, will remove 10% of the payment amount from supply, forever.

Contact Us

For more information, please reach out to the DoxxLocker team via email, at