Community Testimonials

The following testimonials, are from real HDFL investors.


“I’m relatively new to DeFi and BSC, just got into it on June 2021. My first ever BSC project I invested in was HDFL, due to its doxxlocker functionality. While I saw this token rise, I started playing around the BSC, getting rugged a couple of times. Thanks to the developers of HDFL, I have learned the basic stuff about contracts, safety in general, and what to check when analyzing a new token or project on the Binance Smart Chain. This project has made my entry to Decentralized Finance less risky than other people’s, and has made me an informed investor. Nothing better than knowing what to look for when you’re doing your own research! Hopefully DoxxLocker can change many lives as it did mine!”


Before I joined the BSC, MG and the dev team were a band of investors pitted on making some safe cash by doing your own research. He and the team have saved me from investing in unsafe and nefarious projects in the past and this release of doxxlocker does just that. It brings the experience I have gained from listening and being educated through all these resources and puts all into one database. If you aren’t using doxxlocker you aren’t safeguarding your investment.


I’ve been in Crypto trading since 2017 but just started investing in BSC projects April of 2021. Since then I have invested and lost a decent amount of money on honeypots and rug pulls. For the common BSC trader its pretty much throwing darts looking for a legit project. I can honestly say I sleep well at night knowing my investment in HyperDeflate (HDFL) is safe. Doxxlocker is going to take investing with confidence in the BSC space to a whole other level by identifying what to look for in scam coins/projects. The HDFL Devs/team are some of the best in the crypto space which is reflected by its top notch community.


“I began investing in March of this year, however I almost stopped right away. The cryptosphere is very toxic and not welcoming to newcomers. You can ask a question and get banned for FUD, or ask for something to be explained and be called stupid or dumb. These reasons made me want to stop crypto after trying to find something that wasn’t that way. Lucky for me I was airdropped HDFL, due to their partnership with another token. I lurked the chat for a bit.. and slowly came out of my turtle shell, to where I am now. I am so thankful that I found HDFL and am a part of a community, where I am actually proud to say yes, I am in that group, they are my family.”

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