Ninja Doge

Ninja Doge is building an immersive experience through mobile games, NFTs, and animation series. Ninja Doge aims to advance the de-fi movement by serving as an ambassador to blockchain adoption. Our objective is to establish a reputation based on trust and brand recognition, extending beyond the crypto community and into under-tapped markets and audiences. To accomplish this, we’ve identified and solutioned for the rollout of 3 separate projects – differing in platforms and target audiences yet connected thematically and financially under a single, symbiotic entertainment ecosystem.

Contract Address
Is the Contract Renounced?No
Is Liquidity Locked?Yes

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  1. Awesome group of devs and great utilities. iOS/Android game plus NFTs about to drop in less than 2 weeks. This is a easy 100x. NFA

  2. Best project i ever join..The devs are really doing great things for NinjaDoge and its about time more and more people join the dojo army.